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Email checker: the basic info about the service 

Sending emails has become an inevitable part of the work of millions of businesses. Either you the marketing professional, a private entrepreneur, an accountant, or just a person who wants to share any information with your friends or partners, you are likely to send an e-letter. However, in many cases, you might suddenly find it impossible. Millions of letters fail to reach their recipients due to wrong or invalid email addresses. This issue might often cause disappointment and even lead to serious financial losses for both big and small companies. Is it possible to avoid facing this problem? Is there any software that can check if email is valid? Email checkers are here to help you with this issue. Discover the latest information about these programs and make sure that the email address verification is fast and easy. 

Email checker: the basic info

After you decide to check email online, you will surely come through lots of email testers of different kinds. The amount of solutions is really amazing, where each service uses its own unique technology. You will be surprised by the fact that different email verifying software might demonstrate different results. The fact is that each service is usually based on one certain algorithm. For example, some email verification apps are just checking whether the chosen address really exists. The others might be focused on examining whether your particular address is live or not. There are also plenty of systems that are based on checking MX data records and the protocol used for a certain address. 


Anyway, the greatest option for making your email validation successful and effective will be to find a platform that will use all the testing methods mentioned above. Why do using only one solution might appear to be impractical? The truth is that checking a certain address with the help of different services might lead to completely opposite results. One service will provide you with the data that the chosen address is real and active, while the other tester will tell it is completely bad. This way, an all-in-one solution will analyze the larger amount of data and will bring you the freshest and the most correct information. 

How does an email verifier work? 

Using a checker is extremely easy. You are not required to have any coding knowledge or experience to check if email is real. The interface of a common platform for these purposes has a single empty field, where you will need to type or paste a chosen address. Then press enter and wait for the results to appear on the screen of your device. The process is almost immediate, so you will not need to wait for a long time to get the required data. By the way, you can also use a bulk email checker to make sure all the addresses from your list are active. 


The service will perform a bunch of different tests:

  • Syntax test. This is a simple check, whether the chosen address has incorrect symbols. For example, in case your email contains any unsupported symbols, you will see a notification about the problem. 

  • DNS test. The second step is to make sure there are no domain-related issues. If there are some concerns on the side of the domain, you will be displayed the following data. 

  • SMTP test. This is a standard check of the mail server connected to the chosen email. This type of verification is made in seconds and will also give you detailed information about the required address. 

Who can use email verification solutions?

There are lots of categories of users who would like to verify email databases from time to time or on a regular basis. These are just a few kinds of users who require performing email spam test:

  • Marketing experts. In case you are working for a certain marketing business and are responsible for sending e-letters for advertisement purposes, you will easily boost your campaign results by using an email address checker. This service will help you to contact only live recipients. It is also worth mentioning that using checkers might be beneficial both for those marketers who send e-letters manually and batch mailing professionals. 

  • You are the product owner who would like to promote the service with the help of email notifications. Either you want to grab the attention of your partners with an announcement of the new product or just remind about your company, a free email verifier will assist you with shortening the expenses for marketing campaigns and save money with almost no efforts. By the way, the checkers might be used for both B2B and B2C areas. 

  • Other individuals. Many people use checkers for personal reasons. You have an opportunity to make sure that the person you are planning to contact is likely to get your letter. 

Is API for developers available? 

Unfortunately, currently, there is no API available. The server version with an API is in progress, but the release date is not set yet.

Email verification tool: the benefits 

  • Reduce the bounce rate. Verifying the addresses before reaching them will surely make your campaign more effective. 

  • Have a fresh and up-to-date database of contacts. Sending letters to the void can be easily avoided with mail checkers. Just test your database before the batch mailing and contact only real people and businesses. 

  • Get more details about a chosen address for making your marketing reports more advanced.

  • Save plenty of time and finances. Optimizing your campaigns will help you to save costs for something else. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Does a ‎"‎deliverable‎"‎ address has no bouncing chance?

Although the results of the email check are not completely sure, we guarantee that over 95% of "‎deliverable‎"‎ emails will not bounce.

What does a ‎"‎risky‎"‎ email mean? 

This status is given to those addresses that are actually working but our e-letter might not be read by anyone. As a rule, this happens in two different situations: 

  • The email will be received. However, the system accepts all emails that usually looks suspicious.

  • The email is likely to be received but its name looks like an automatically generated box. For example, [email protected]

Does the service send a real email to the recipients to perform the tests? 

The checker doesn’t send real emails to the addresses to make the test. The solution is only reaching SMTP servers for these purposes. This means your real partners and customers will not receive any spam letters from the checker. They will not even know you’ve checked their addresses.

Is using an email tester free? 

The free account allows making up to 50 verification requests per month. In case you would like to check addresses in higher volumes, you can start using a plan to fit your needs. The pricing policy of the email checker is completely understandable and doesn’t contain any hidden payments. There are several plans you can effortlessly choose from. 

The email has an "accept all" status. What does it mean?

This status means the domain is accepting all the addresses regardless of whether they were actually created or not. We mark these addresses as "‎risky‎"‎ unless we get any other indicators of them to be real. 

How do you perform your email tests? What areas do you usually check? 

Here is a list of our regular tests:

  • Checking whether the address has a valid format

  • Checking whether the address is gibberish

  • Testing whether the email is disposable

  • Checking whether the address is based on webmail addresses

  • Whether an email has MX records

  • Ability to connect to the SMTP server

  • Bounce check 

  • Testing whether the domain is accepting all addresses 

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Common Questions About Email Verification

You may still have some questions about the email verification process. The following are some of the more common FAQs. The answers here will help you better understand the full value of our tool. If you still have questions after reviewing this section, feel free to visit our Help Desk or contact our Customer Success Team; we’re always happy to hear from you.

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Other Useful Steps to Improve Email Deliverability

Making sure your emails are properly delivered is important. Thus, senders should also consider taking these steps before sending emails to followers:

By taking these steps and using NeverBounce, you’ll be much more likely to consistently deliver emails. Luckily, our single email checker is both thorough and efficient. All you have to do is integrate it with your platform to ensure anyone who signs up for your newsletter is actually providing a valid address. This is important in the competitive field of email marketing.

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